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Mother / Daughter

Mother / Daughter

an awesome

True Crime Podcast

" A great blend of stories "

"These two are hilarious"

"Mother/Daughter chemistry that keeps you

on the edge of your seat"

Just celebrated our birthday!!!

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Welcome to SIPPING WITH SNAPPED a true-crime podcast! We are Mary and Kylie, a mother/daughter duo who share a love for true-crime stories.

Join us as we discuss cases while sipping water, wine or a cocktail. You never know where the conversation may go.😲


Every Wednesday, either Mary or Kylie tells a story about a tragic case where someone just...SNAPPED



Listen as we put on our slueth cap and investigate.

Every good story involves a nosy neighbor. Nosy neighbors want to see justice done. They also want to know what the heck is going on. So do we and that's why we call our listeners...Nosy Neighbors.


If you like stories about famous people...we got you.

If you like those obscure cases...we got you.

What some of our nosy - neighbors have said:

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